Traditional Martial Arts

kung Fu adults & kids

Kung fu can be described as "time and effort".  Not just about learning but practicing a way of life.  It takes perseverance, dedication, and focus to push the body and mind to perform on a consistent basis.  To prepare and condition your body for kung fu activity in class you will be encouraged to exercise drills and basic movements.  This type of training on a regular basis will enhance your flexibility, strength, endurance and speed. All newcomers will start with the basic forms to develop familiarity and coordination and eventually move on to more advanced techniques and application.

Adults Kung Fu


Mon, Wed and Fri 7.30-9.30pm

first class free , €7.50 per class




Kids Kung Fu


monday and wednesday 6.30-7.30pm

first class free, €7 per class or 2 for €10 (in same week)




Kids 8+ Tue & Thursday 5.30 - 6.30
Adults 16+: Tue & Thur 7.30 - 9.00
& Sat 11-12.30

San Shou

San Shou is a martial art which was originally developed by the Chinese military based upon intense study of various traditional methods and combined with modern advanced in sports medicine and training methodology. San Shou is practiced as a combat sport, meaning that training is conducted with safety equipment and competitions are conducted under rules restricting certain tactics and techniques designed for the safety of the participants. However, San Shou is also a compete martial art that teaches striking, kicking, leg kicks, kick catches, sweeps, takedowns and throws. The current sport of San Shou does not include elbow and knee strikes but most San Shou gyms teach these techniques as well.

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