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In march I received an email from the governing body for international breaking called the USBA/WBA (united states breaking association/ world breaking association) with an invite to attend the ISKA world championships in Orlando FL. July 3 & 4 this year.


After some deep consideration I decided that I should take this opportunity to get back on the competitive circuit! I replied to the email and followed the links to registration and material ordering. $300 dollars later I had entered 5 events and still had to pay for materials, then something came to mind that I hadn't thought of.. who's gonna help me???  I sat down and weighed up my options and decided the logical choice was Macker. someone I trust and knows how I hit and what it looks like when I'm doing something wrong.


Next stop ebookers to try and find some flights.

Flights booked , accommodation booked. Registration done. Materials ordered. Now on to the training.


Training regime was simple. Twice a day speed and conditioning. The final week is here. Sponsors are still coming in to donate towards the trip.


Morning of the flights have arrived . Nerves are starting to kick in. Check in . Straight down to emigration. First stop Charlotte then on to Orlando. 17 hours after leaving Dublin we arrive at the hotel. Local time 7pm and we have until 9pm to register for the competition in the morning. We make registration and the head into the convention centre to say hello to everybody. Hit the bed at 11 and back up at 5am. Shower, shave and straight to check in at 8.



Weighed in and collected materials now we just had to wait till we were called. 12.30 - i finally get called for my creative routine which I won second for. An hour goes by and I was called for Power Hand- again another second place. Next up, minutes later , Macer is up for his Power elbow. Does a great job and wins first place. We changed back to heavy weights , my turn for Power elbow in which I take third place. Back to light weights Macer  Power Stamp, he is beaten by one block and takes second. Onto the heavy weights , my last event of the day. I played the numbers just right and I broke 9 out of 9 with power stamp  to win first place. The officials call us to one side to inform us that Macer has qualified for the final spot in the World Championships the following morning. We collected our tokens and went off to collect our trophies. With smiles as big Cheshire cats we head back to our room with our huge haul of trophies laughing and celebrating as the realisation of what we have achieved sets in. Bed at 12 up again at 5 - registration and team talk at 7. Disney waiver signed , materials picked up, now it's just the weighting game again.


10.30- Announcements made, next up light weight power elbow and Macer is first to break. We get on stage and set up a stack. Breaks 8 of 12 which places him an over all of fifth by the end of the day. Half an hour later Heavyweight Power elbow- my turn. I unfortunately only placed fifth in this event.


After this I went straight to the final practice for the routine which Drew Seranno asked me to participate in on stage at the Night of Champions. Finished the practice. Headed off for something to eat before returning to the arena for the event. Drew didn't manage to get his world record but it was a huge honour to be part of such a successful demo and work with some great martial artists from across the world.

Final job to do was to figure out how t get the trophies home. We bought a big suitcase and socket set in Walmarts. Went back to the hotel , dismantled our beautiful trophies, wrapped them up and carefully packed them in the suitcase.


Check in at the airport and homeward bound

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Build Up to the U.S. Open April 2015

Myself and Macker have been invited to compete in the US open and World Open.  This highly prestige’s event will be held in Orlando July 3rd and 4th. Where we will have the opportunity to seek to become US Champion and the following day aim for World Champion and take home the belt. This is a great opportunity to represent our club, Blue Dragon and represent Ireland too.


The trip will cost €3000 all in Flights hotel and competition entry fees.  This is no junket and demands hard work, training and commitment, we are reaching out to the friends and families of the Blue Dragon members to help out wherever they can. We are also asking the wider community from Balbriggan and North County Dublin, both businesses and people to support us in any way possible.  We need this support so the guys can focus on training and preparation.


I have selected Macker to compete alongside me as someone I know and trust.  “Macker” McMahon is 57 and training since 1976.  He originally trained with my father the Great Jon Fanning.  When I opened in Blue Dragon Iron Fitness he decided to make a comeback and not only train but help coach our kickboxing.


About Me:

Sifu Keith holds an 8th Duan Grade in Blue Dragon Iron Fist Kung Fu and was also recently awarded his 3rd Duan Head San Shou Coach from Master Richie Moore of Li Ching Wu Ireland. Among his other certificates, he also holds a teaching certificate in Chi Gung issued by GM Chu.

2015 U S Open World Martial Arts Championships July 3-4, 2015 Promo

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