Sifu Keith Fanning


Sifu Keith’s love of Martial Arts sees him with a mixed background that started with Kung Fu at the age of four under his Father Sibo Jon Fanning who sadly passed away in 2013.


Whilst at his previous club Ming Ch’uan, Sifu Keith was awarded the rank of Chief Instructor over the Irish, English and American Ming Ch’uan Kung Fu Clubs under Sibo Fanning’s control. 


Along with Sifu Keith’s love for Kung Fu, he studied other Martial Arts training to be a more rounded martial artist, currently holding a Brown Belt in Traditional Jiu Jitsu, a black belt in combat jujitsu and an Instructor grade in Muay Thai. He also trained in full contact Kickboxing for three years before moving to London, England in 1996 to train full time in Kung Fu and Sanda with Sibo Fanning.


Grand Master YC Chu of San Francisco awarded Sifu Keith with his Sifu status in 2008. GM Chu was the Head of the Taoist Chi Gung and Kung fu Institute who passed away in the summer of 2011.


In April 2006, Sifu Keith journeyed back to London to take part in a breaking exam which saw him pass with flying colours and be awarded the 'Iron Palm Medallion'. This level had not been reached by anyone since 1973. 


Sifu Keith’s love for Hard Chi Gung (Block Breaking) has seen him bring the first Irish Team of breakers to Orlando FL. in 2007 for the world breaking championships. Then in 2008, he went back to the U.S.A with a team of nine and took home 15 trophies including two 1st places. Again in 2009, he took a seven man team and, this time, took home thirteen trophies including the titles of 1st in America and 2nd in the world.


At present, Sifu Keith holds an 8th Duan Grade in Blue Dragon Iron Fist Kung Fu and was also awarded the title of Head San Shou Coach from Grand Master Wally Dillon(RIP) of Li Ching Wu Ireland. Among his other certificates, he also holds a teaching certificate in Chi Gung issued by GM Chu.


In 2016 Sifu Keith was inducted into Grand Master John McGrane’s Mixed Martial Arts hall of fame. He also was put on the board of directors for Kokuryu Kai Ireland, Black dragon Association and was given cert recognition from some of Irelands leading Master’s and Grand Master’s.

He was also awarded his Muay Thai Instructors grade from Master Mike Donnelly.


In May 2017 Sifu Keith travelled to America and won the USBA/WBA North American Open in power concrete hand and power concrete elbow.

In June he won the world title for breaking with the International Breaking Federation for his concrete speed breaks.

In December Sifu was inducted into the Velez Martial Arts hall of Fame


Because of his skill and dedication to Martial Arts, Sifu Keith is regularly requested to sit on many High Grading panels for both Kung Fu and other martial arts styles including the BKKA Karate Association based in Suffolk, England.


Along with sifu Keiths martial arts teaching and training he is also a qualified reiki master and has a natural hands on healing energy which he calls croi go laimh

sifu keith is mid way through his acupuncture balancing course and hopes to be finished and practicing by the end of the year (2019)

he is also planning on starting a couse in NMPT in october just to add to his healing and holistic practice



Sifu Keith owns and runs his Fitness and Martial Arts Centre called Blue Dragon Iron Fitness which is based in Balbriggan, North County Dublin. BDIF aims to provide Martial Arts based fitness and Martial Arts training for the whole family

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